General Maintenance Advice

Maintenance & Repairs

Water re-use systems are designed to be durable and long-lasting, subject to being regularly maintained in accordance with their manufacturer’s instructions; any issues experienced during or shortly after installation are covered by installer and manufacturer warranties.

Commercial Systems

Users should experience many years of trouble-free service from their properly maintained systems, but in the event of issues arising with commercial greywater recycling (GWR) or commercial rainwater harvesting (RWH) installations, the manufacturer of the system should be contacted for advice.  A listing of UKRMA members supplying commercial systems is provided here.

Domestic Systems

Similar considerations apply to the end-users of domestic systems, although their circumstances can be made more varied by other factors, such as:

* Absence of the routine maintenance schedule likely to be associated with commercial systems
* The end-user not being the original purchaser of the system, and hence lacking familiarity with it
* The system having been superseded by later versions, potentially leading to spare-parts issues
* The need for any onsite visits required to be cost-effective, and hence provided by a local supplier

If you have inherited a domestic RWH system on moving into a new home, it is recommended that you take a few moments to familiarise yourself with the system and its maintenance requirements from the associated documentation.  If the documentation is absent, replacements can usually be provided by the system manufacturer or, failing this, the UKRMA Training Manual, available here, explains the general principles underlying all domestic systems.

The regular maintenance requirements of domestic RWH systems are very limited, and can usually be undertaken on a DIY basis; failing that, they are well within the capability of your usual plumber or handyman.

Where replacement parts or system repairs are required, please make contact with the manufacturer who will advise on the basis of their own national maintenance network and your location.

Approved Plumbers

Nearly all of the work needed to maintain or repair a domestic RWH system is undertaken by the plumbing trade; many plumbers can provide this service from their own skill-set, or by reference to the system manual/manufacturer.  Where you are advised by the manufacturer to use the services of a local plumber, in order to minimise call-out charges, you can locate Approved Plumbers using the Watersafe online portal.

Specialist Services & Replacement Parts

From time-to-time, end-users may wish for more specialist support, such as tank-cleaning, sourcing of spare part no longer available from manufacturers, or a complete system overhaul.

UKRMA member-companies providing these services are listed here.